Rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home.

Helping you get back to the life you love.

Exercise Neuro-Therapy

At The Active Body Project, our focus centres on supporting people with neurological conditions and acquired brain and spinal injuries to recover, maintain or improve their strength and mobility.

Empathetic Care

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to health care. Our focus is on getting to know you as an individual so that your treatment plan isn’t just a good fit with your medical needs but that it fits with your lifestyle and preferences too.

In-home Therapy

If you live in the western suburbs of Adelaide, you can receive treatment in the comfort of your own home. Contact us to see if our Exercise Physiologist services your area.

Are you feeling trapped by ongoing pain?

Maybe you’ve been told you have reached the end of your rehabilitation journey but your body still feels foreign to you, and your strength and mobility (ability to perform simple, everyday tasks) is a long way from where you would like it to be.


You are frustrated with your body’s capabilities.


You dream of the day you feel like yourself again?


You are desperate to once again experience the independence you took for granted?


the active body project

Life’s too short to be in pain

At The Active Body Project, we understand how frustrating it is when your mind wants to do something, but your body stubbornly refuses to follow those instructions. The energy required to do the simplest of tasks leaves you exhausted before you’ve even left the house, and you have all but given up on being able to do the things that used to bring you joy.

This isn’t the body you know, and you’re annoyed that your rehabilitation isn’t progressing faster. You wish you could find a way to navigate simple daily tasks without feeling completely overwhelmed by them. To have the energy to walk along the beach with your partner, to keep up with your kids, or to get back to a much-loved hobby but, right now, that life feels so far away it’s hard to believe it’s even possible.

You haven’t given up hope though and are willing to do whatever it takes to hit your goals. If only you knew where to start.

At The Active Body Project, we passionately believe in your ability to achieve your goals and actively support you to build a life you love. Sometimes, a fresh perspective is all that is needed to put you back on the road to recovery.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you as a person, taking the time to really understand where you are struggling and what you would like to achieve. Together, we can create a treatment plan you love.

Personalised rehabilitation from a passionate professional

Chronic Pain

Our Exercise Physiologist works with you to manage pain by strengthening and mobilising joints, correcting movement patterns, and improving the sequence of activation through each kinetic chain.

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Neurological Rehab

Accredited Exercise Physiologists prescribe safe and effective exercise programs specifically designed to help people with neurological challenges to manage symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue, coordination, balance disturbances and improve overall strength and mobility.

Mental Health

Exercise is recognised as an evidence-based treatment for mental health conditions and physical activity can help promote positive mental health by improving mood and reducing mental health symptoms.

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About our founder

After rehabilitating his own sports injuries for over 15 years, in 2014 Adam embarked on a journey to change careers from that of a Carpenter to an Exercise Physiologist.

It was a matter of weeks into his degree before Adam realised he had found his passion. Graduating from The University of New England with a High Distinction, Adam has gone on to work with some of Adelaide’s leading experts in the area of neurological and spinal rehab.

Adam is passionate about helping his clients return to a life they love after significant neurological injury and in supporting his clients with neurological conditions to live as full and active a life as possible, for as long as possible. Adam currently has availability in his schedule and looks forward to discussing your therapeutic needs with you.